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Nonprofit Data Integration Project

Nonprofit Data Integration Project 


Step Up Silicon Valley recognizes that assessing and measuring an organization’s impact upon systemic social issues, such as poverty, is extremely difficult. Because so many players—other non-for-profits, governments and business—are involved in changing efforts, it is difficult to isolate the influence of any single organization. Measuring social impact of collaborative partnerships is even more complex; it is necessary to identify what the partnering organizations are doing differently as a result of their collaboration. Therefore, the Nonprofit Data Integration Project will help us streamline the process of evaluating the social impact of each organizations efforts and monitor success metrics through ongoing data sharing and inter-agency collaboration.


This initiative seeks to identify, design, test, implement and evaluate technological solution that enables social service agencies to port data directly from their unique, disparate client tracking software to a single shared data warehouse, or hub. This product will help to increase the timeliness of, access to, and accuracy of information to connect people in poverty and their professional and volunteer helpers to resources to help people move out of poverty, while tracking their progress.

The Nonprofit Data Integration Project will allow for:

  • nonprofit service agencies in Santa Clara County to better coordinate and share information so that they can help create pathways of self-sufficiency with their clients,
  • effective monitoring of success metrics through the ongoing data sharing and inter-agency collaboration,
  • categorize distinct methods of referrals that lead to self-sufficiency in the shortest amount of time,
  • and decreasing the time spent on paperwork and multiple data entry.


Almaz Negash, SUSV/CCSCC Sr. Managing Director
Angela Silveira, SUSV/CCSCC Program Coordinator
Len Hanlock, Technology Project Manager
Joseph Koduvathara, Project Assistant
Allen Gunn, Technology Advisor


Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence
The Bill Wilson Center
The Stride Center
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County


Cisco Systems


Nonprofit Data Integration RFP


Nonprofit Data Integration Project FAQs


For more information on the Nonprofit Data Integration project, contact Len Hanlock.