1,000 Out of Poverty

The 1,000 Out of Poverty Project is a coalition of five agencies throughout Santa Clara County committed to moving 1,000 people out of poverty. The project  disrupts how nonprofit and government agencies address poverty by focusing on the results of unemployed, employable adults moving out of poverty through multi-agency interdisciplinary services using common outcome metrics.

The focus is not only on poverty alleviation, but on poverty reduction, and the  coalition will test the best strategies to reach our goal. Each organization utilizes the strategies they believe work best for the populations they serve, e.g., job development, benefits assistance, client advocacy, education and training, self-help networks, micro-enterprises, social enterprises, asset development, and self-sufficiency planning.

Each of these organizations use a common tool to measure their results called the Step Up Self-Sufficiency Matrix. This measure focuses on food, housing, healthcare, education, and income growth.


To move 1,000 people out of poverty.


The committed organizations will use their existing strategies to both alleviate and reduce poverty for 1,000 clients. Organizations will assist one another with services needed by each other’s clients by using a referral system.


Outputs are typically based on the amount of services received. This movement measures how many clients get out of poverty based on a client-centered and data-driven design.


The Step Up Self-Sufficiency Matrix will be used to measure the successes of the project. This tool focuses on five issue areas of food, housing, health care, education, and income growth.


1,000 Out of Poverty Team

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence
Catholic Charities of SCC
Bill Wilson Center
The Stride Center

1,000 Out of Poverty Supporting Partners

Goodwill of Silicon Valley
Sunnyvale Community Services
The Housing Trust
West Valley Community Services
Family Supportive Housing
Center for Employment Training

Case Manager Training Program

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